Message from the Organizing Committee

National Health Conclave 2017


     Dr. Alex Thomas                        Dr. Girdhar Gyani                    Dr. Sandeep Bhalla
(Organising Chairman)            
(Organising Chairman)             (Organising Secretary)                     

"Ever since human life came into existence on this planet, there has always been a constant human endeavour to keep himself healthy and free from disease. Advancement in science has led to a fair level of success in our fight against communicable diseases. However we are now being faced with an alarming increase in the number of Non – communicable diseases. Most of the NCD’s are chronic and are associated with a huge loss of potentially productive years (35-64yrs) and also account for 42% of all deaths.

The NCD’s are a great “equaliser” affecting both sexes, rich and poor, urban and rural in almost equal proportions. The battle against NCD has been characterized by relatively low Government spending in the health sector and compensated for by the high out of pocket expenses being incurred by the individuals which in turn leads them into poverty. Therefore the burden of financing any treatment falls disproportionately on the poor. In order to strengthen the fight against NCD’s, the AHPI and PHFI along with other key partners have joined hands to organise the National Health Conclave 2017 with the theme Chronic Care – Innovation, opportunities and Challenges."

The conclave will bring together all stake holders, including the Government, Research Institutions, Academia, Industry, Public health experts, community and International agencies on one platform to deliberate and evolve strategies to combat the looming threat of NCDs where India is unfortunately slated to become the country with the largest number suffering from NCDs in the world. Our aim is to share knowledge on innovation, quality improvement, policy regulations and human resource development with regard to chronic care diseases. Prevention and promotion of healthy life style among our fellow citizens holds the key to better health outcomes and an improved economy. The white paper that emerges from the deliberations of the conclave will contain useful policy advocacies and resource requirements to enable the Govt, arrive at a more meaningful, outcome oriented resource allocation in the health care sector. Therefore, it is imperative that the public and private sectors synchronise their efforts in this area. It is our sincere expectations that their knowledge sharing platform will be the foundation for new policies, ideas, technologies and resources to combat the NCD epidemic in our country.